Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guys and Books Finale

Sadly, yesterday was the last Guys and Books meeting for this school year. The boys walked over to the public library to play a game of bookopoly with the high school leaders. A large board game was created on the floor based on monopoly. Before you could roll the dice, you had to answer or meet a challenge based on each of the books read. Teams were created and they decided whether to take a question or challenge. The team to move completely around the board first, won. The boys had a great time. Each team had at least one high school leader. Even though the high school leaders did not read every book, they played a significant role in answering or meeting the challenge.
The relationships built between the high schoolers and younger students was very obvious. But even better, books are definitly loved by the boys. For when they were offered as give aways, they rushed to the books and anxiously picked the best ones. Books rule for Guys and Books.

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