Friday, March 13, 2009

Viking It & Liking It by Jon Scieszka

Joe, Fred, and Sam want to play Vikings Football Smashfest, but instead find themselves in A.D. 1001 with a bunch of real Vikings! It's one wild ride with Leif Ericson as they sail on his voyage of discovery to North America.

The boys relived the lifestyle of a Viking by making Viking helmets, competing in Viking challenges, and outwitting each other in Viking word plays. The boys created helmets with newspaper. They also competed in team challenges such as a snowshoe race across the room. Each group was dared to stand on a newspaper ice floe and to turn around in the same order without falling off the floe. Since a Viking Warrior was not considered to be up to much unless his word skill was as good as his weapon skills, each team took turns telling riddles to see which group could outsmart the other.
Active, was the main theme of this book discussion.