Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Talking by Andrew Clements

The boys at Laketon Elementary School challenge the girls in a no talking contest. Keeping track of the number of words that they speak, the group that speaks the least amount of words wins bragging rights. This is a great story that will appeal to those competitive boys.

Activity: Again we met with the school in California and held a virtual book discussion. This time the activity played a major role in prompting the book discussion. We used activities from Boredom Blasters; hours & miles of games & activities to make time fly by Susan Todd. Stare Down is a challenge for two people to stare at each other without laughing, smiling, blinking or looking away. The first that does loses. The second challenge is Giggle Game. In this players take turns trying to make each other laugh. The boys had a blast challenging the boys in California so much so that even the leaders got into the action. This book and the activities worked quite nicely in the virtual environment.

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