Monday, April 28, 2008

Measle and the Wrathmonk, by Ian Olgivy

Measle is an orphan that lives with his Uncle who turns out to be a Wrathmonk. What is a Wrathmonk? It is one that can turn people into teeny tiny people. When Measle gets into his Uncle’s way, he is made into one of those teeny tiny people and is set to live in a model train set. Measle soon learns that there are others also living in the train set and they soon learn that working together will help them survive.

Activity: This book was not a hit with the boys. The teen Leaders (one of whom chose the book because he remembered liking it when he was young) were very critical of the poor writing style. So we learned a lesson: use only well written books. Measle and the others need to rely on team work in order to survive, so the older guys led two team building activities. Apparently, the guys needed teamwork to survive this less-than-stellar book choice as well!

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